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Supercharge Your Mornings With Over 100 of Our Best HIIT Workouts to Achieve Maximum Fitness
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101 No Equipment HIIT Workouts eBook

After two years of providing high intensity interval workouts that don't require any equipment , DaVinci Fitness proud to share our free ebook containing 101 No Equipment HIIT Workouts that you can do anywhere in 15 minutes or less.

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Every workout is expertly programmed by DaVinci Fitness and Performance coaches, designed to improve your fitness level no matter where you begin.


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We are constantly learning and testing new methods to make ourselves and you the better.

Andre Smith DaVinci Fitness and Performance

About Andre Smith

I want to make the "edges" better. The beginning athlete or fitness enthusiast, that has never done it, to the elite collegiate and professional that thinks they can't get any better. I don't want to be everything for everyone. 

My goal is to  make people better that want to be better, by providing the best training and knowledge as well wanting you to succeed and share in your success. I want to push you as long as you are willing to push yourself. Let me join you on your journey to success.

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“I was able to add over 30 lbs of lean solid muscle by the end of my off season football program”


Darius Testimonial

"Andre is an excellent trainer. He always pushes me to new limits that I didn't think I could reach. I love the way he incorporates weights with high intensity interval training so that I always get the most out of my sessions."


Nichole testimonial
101 No Equipment HIIT Workouts eBook

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