Myosource vs Kbands vs Speed Bands Review | What are the BEST leg resistance bands for speed training ?

What are the best kinetic bands for speed training ? 

We test kinetic speed bands from Kbandstraing , Mysource, and Amazon to see which are the best kinetic bands for speed training .

Section I : Kinetic Band Product Reviews

Kbands Training TEST

 Review of: Kbands Training

Use: Kinetic speed bands for speed and agility training


You can tell thats it high quality products . Can be upgraded for more advanced athletes .

User Friendly

Comes with a manual to get you started on how to use the kinetic bands . You can download workout to use with the bands .


The price is affordable yet higher than some other brands but will worth it for the quality that you get .

Summary: Kbands leg resistance bands are top of the line compared to other speed bands or resistance bands on the market . The option of being able to upgrade to stronger bands is a nice option to be able to support higher level athletes and not outgrow the equipment .

We Like

  • check
    Free Workouts
  • check
    Quality Build
  • check

We Don't Like

  • Its All Good

$34.99 Per set on Amazon

Use: Kinetic bands used for speed and muscle activation


High Quality packaging and accessories .

User Friendly

Has good clear instructions on how to use the bands .


Price is affordable , but I think it could actually better if they left out some accessories .

Summary: Myosource kinetic bands are on par with Kbands resistance bands . They definitely are top on the line and has a good amount of accessories . Maybe the price could have actually been a lost cheaper if they left out the stretch cable , but its a great accessories , but for some not needed .

We Like

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    High Quality
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    Good Packaging
  • check
    Good grip/stick to legs

We Don't Like

  • could be cheaper if stretch band was left out .

$33.95 Per set on Amazon

 Review of: Amazon Speed Bands

Use: Kinetic bands for speed and agility training and to give leg resistance .


The bag and the packaging was low quality .Gives just the bands and nothing else .

User Friendly

User must have a plan or know how to use the bands prior to use . There are no instructions included .


The most affordable price of the list , but you definitely get what you pay for .

Summary: We these , it will give you what you need to get the work done . Which is just the basics , the bag and the bands . It doesn't come with any instructions or material . If you have a plan of action these can work for you . There are no sample workouts or anything included .

We Like

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We Don't Like

  • Don't stick to legs
  • No instructions
  • Elasticity can wear out fast with heavy use .

$19.95 Per set on their website

Section II: Kinetic Band Comparison

I did a kinetic bands review of three different types of kinetic bands .  I tested probably will be the most purchased speed bands which are Kbandstraining , Myosource , and kinetic bands from Amazon . I wanted to do a leg resistance band comparison and see which ones were the best resistance bands for speed training . I broke it down into what i thought were needed categories , which were , use packaging, price , and overall.


When it comes to use the kinetic bands from Amazon could get the job done but they definitely weren't the best of the bunch. So the Myosource kinetic bands and the Kbandstraining bands were miles ahead of the amazon resistance bands in this area because they don't stay on your legs sometimes . This little thing its it main job , to stay on your legs and provide resistance. So it can get kind of annoying . The other kinetic bands seem to be made of something different , that actually sticks to your legs when not in use and wont slide or pull off leg hair. The ones from amazon are basically the same cable that goes to the front and back of your leg .

kinetic bands review

The Myosource and Kbandstraining one actually have different cables designed for the front and back of the leg to put more resistance in the places needed . One is shorter for the back and longer for the front . Also if you look at the hooks on the end of the bands on the Amazon bands they actually can unscrew sometimes and have to be screwed back on . 

So in the case of us i would give it a tie between the Myosource and Kbandstrining because they are basically the same cables .


So for the packaging I wanted to go over what came in the package as far a accessories instructions , and extra thing that you might need .

So ill start with the kinetic bands from amazon . They pretty much come with just the stuff to get started . The come the the leg wraps , the leg resistance bands , and the net bag to keep it in .

k bands amazon

So for these you have to know what you are doing and how to use them because you don't get any help , when it comes to these .

Next up are the Kbandstraing and Myosource kinetic bands . I put these two together because basically they are exactly the same . The come with cables that are different sizes for the front and the back . Both have high quality net bags to keep the sets in when not in use . They both come with instruction for use and possible different uses , such as speed agility , or cheer leading workouts .

kbands leg resistance bands

There are a few differences though . The kbandstraining speed bands come with a sheet to go to their website to download free workouts and videos . The kbandstraining brand also give the option the upgrade to stronger cables . The blue ones in the picture do not come with the standard set .

The Myosource kinetic bands came with an extra band to help you stretch and warm up , but i felt like it wouldn't be something that i would get much use out of .

myosource kinetic bands

So in the case of packaging it one again in a tie with Myosource and kbandstraining . They are basically the same products .


So now were gonna go over price . So when it comes to this we are going to go with which is just cheapest .

This hands down goes to the Amazon kinetic bands . They are by far the lowest priced but , you also get what you pay for , which means the least amount of support and accessories .

kinetic bands amazon

The other two , Myosouce and Kbandstraing are around the same price , but you're paying for workouts , more accessories and higher quality .

kbandstraining amazon
Myosource Speed bands amazon

So I would say if you have an idea of how you want to train and what you want to train for , then the Amazon ones will get what you need to get done . If you need a little help and guidance as far as workouts and getting started I would say go with one of the other two brands .

Section III: Best Speed Bands

So now I want to give you what would be the best choice if your need is the same a mine which is speed training . For speed training I would have to give it to the Kbandstraining leg resistance bands . Its in front of the Myosurce  kinetic bands , but not by far . I had to give it to the kbandstraining because of the workouts and training videos . They also have the ability to expand to stronger bands . For sprinting and speed work they seemed to be the best for my use .

The winner is ....

k bands amazon

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